Lets get started:

Beat this year's tax rush. Fax me last year's tax return and any other document you have
collected this year.
You can get this information to me many ways:
1.) Drop off at the office (find address on the "Contact Us tab"
2.) Scan and e-mail you data to: support@oneminutetaxes.com
3.) Fax the data to my e-Fax: (949) 271-4821
4.) Call with the information (949) 307-0234 and we'll simply collect your forms when
the refund check is given to you.
5.) We will have it picked up depending on the location.

You can do this at anytime 24 hours a day all year long. However why not send the data
now before the tax season starts (The months of October/November/December). We can
have essentially 99% of your return done before Christmas. This means that all we need at
the end of the year is your final income or W2 and you're ready to receive your refund the
first day of tax season.