What is OneMinuteTaxes?

The process is simply collecting all your tax documents and data through e-mail
and e-fax and our certified tax preparers package up your return in a set of three best
options. Options may include filing status, deductions, business expenses, etc. and
we present these options to you via phone. You then pick the option that minimizes
your tax liabilities and maximizing your refund. Options sometimes helps you
understand more about the pros and cons of the way taxes can be filed. We also can
prepare your taxes in the office of course or through a webinar (a meeting online)
where you can watch us performing your taxes live on the internet while you're
eating breakfast.

OneMinuteTaxes is thus you spending one minute to pick up your check the first
day of tax season as opposed to standing in long lines or sitting in front of a preparer
for an hour or so. We electronically file your return and produce a check for your
refund in front of you. Quick and easy and you don't have to wait 3-6 weeks for your
money. Or we can print your refund check and courier your refund check next day
FREE of charge. So in most cases you never even have to visit an office.